Research paper: a multiple case study into working elements in the supervision of probation clients with debt

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Purpose – Little is known about effective supervision of offenders with debt. This multiple case study
aims to gain insight into working elements in offender supervision on debt. This is important for probation
officers to choose the most effective interventions in daily offender supervision.

Design/methodology/approach – This study included five best practice cases based on both
interviews with involved professionals and clients and client file information. One case was described in
detail to illustrate what probation officers and clients encounter when working on debt. All five cases were
analyzed thematically using patternmatching techniques and crosscase syntheses on debt background,
current supervision, barriers and working elements.

Findings – Organization processes and lack of aftercare hinder effective supervision. Close
collaboration with other professionals (e.g. debt counselors) is important in supervising clients with debt.
The client’s own behavior and motivation for supervision are crucial in the success of debt supervision
and can be both hindering and effective. Working elements in supervision depend on personal
characteristics of professionals involved and on the extent to which elements of a working alliance,
particularly trust and bonding, are built.

Practical implications – Support and facilitation from probation organizations regarding primary
conditions and collaboration, training professionals in methods of stimulating clients motivation and an
effective working alliance are essential to supervise clients with debt adequately.
Originality/value – To the best of the authors’ knowledge, no other in-depth study has yet been
conducted on working elements in supervision of probationers with debt.


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A multiple case study